The International Journal of Epidemiology (IJE)

The International Journal of Epidemiology is a bimonthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering research in epidemiology. It was established in 1972 by the International Epidemiological Association in a bid to facilitate international communication among its members and all those engaged in research, teaching and the application of epidemiology. The Journal’s first Editor, Walter W. Holland, hoped to ‘overcome some of the problems of publication of epidemiological work in local journals, which often tend to be unavailable to workers outside that country’ and to ‘create an international viewpoint of health problems’ [IJE 1:1 (1972), p.iii]. Today the IJE is an essential requirement for anyone who needs to keep up to date with epidemiological advances and new developments throughout the world.

The IJEblog

The IJEblog contextualises and provides insight into epidemiological research related to the Journal’s publication programme. It aims to make the latest epidemiological discoveries accessible to an audience beyond the Journal’s traditional readership, encourage debate, and help authors maximise the impact of their research. If you would like to contribute to the IJEblog, please take a look at our guidelines for contributors, and contact the Blog Editor to discuss your ideas.